Vexcolt is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Expansion Joints and Control Joints. It specializes in providing elegant, cost-effective solutions to complex building movement problems across all building types. Vexcolt has managed many projects, both nationally and internationally.

A bearing supports vertical loads and restrains horizontal load (laterally or transversely). It also allows or restrains movement upwards and certain structurally induced rotational capacity.

Pot Bearing

Standard BearingsActatec 7000-PBN
Actatec 7001-PBN
Actatec 7002-PBN
Seismic BearingsActatec 7003-PBN
Actatec 7004-PBN
Actatec 7005-PBN

Spherical Bearings


Actatec 7006-PBN
Actatec 7007-PBN
Actatec 7008-PBN

Elastomeric Bearings

Rectangular Elastomer OnlyActatec 7009-PBN
Rectangular PTFE Sliding PlateActatec 7010-PBN
Circular Elastomer OnlyActatec 7011-PBN
Circular PTFE Sliding PlateActatec 7012-PBN

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