Vexcolt is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Expansion Joints and Control Joints. It specializes in providing elegant, cost-effective solutions to complex building movement problems across all building types. Vexcolt has managed many projects, both nationally and internationally.

The function of bridge expansion joint is to adjust the displacement and connection between superstructure caused by vehicle load and bridge building materials. Once the expansion device of skew bridge is damaged, it will seriously affect the speed, comfort and safety of driving, and even cause traffic safety accidents.

Nosing Expansion Joints Single Seal Expansion Joint SpanAtec 8002
Resin Self-Anchoring Expansion Joint SpanAtec 8000
Low Stress Expansion Joint SpanAtec 8001
Cantilever Expansion Joint Anti-Fatigue Expansion Joint SpanAtec 8004
Finger Noise Reduction Expansion Joint SpanAtec 8006
Wave-Type Noise Reduction Expansion Joints SpanAtec 8007
Supported Expansion Joints Finger Expansion Joints SpanAtec 8005
Multi-Directional Displacement Finger Expansion Joint SpanAtec 8003
Modular Expansion Joints Single Beam Modular Expansion Joints SpanAtec 8008
Multi Beams Modular Expansion Joints SpanAtec 8009
Cable Sliding Expansion Joints SpanAtec 8011
Modular Noise Reduction Expansion Joints SpanAtec 8010
Railyway Expansion Joint SpanAtec 8012
Flexible Expansion Joint SpanAtec 8020
SpanAtec 8021
SpanAtec 8022
SpanAtec 8030

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