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DuO first launched in 1989, the revolutionary concept created by De Boer, which combines a TPO upper side with an SBS underside, has grown into a successful range, with a service life demonstrated to be at least 35 years. It has been many years of experience with traditional roof systems using either SBS (styrene butadiene styrene) or hard APP (atactic polypropylene). DuO was the first product to combine both polymer mixtures – TPO as a top coating and SBS as undercoating – in its state-of-the-art production line. The overlap is in SBS as well, which further strengthens adhesion. DuO is fully geared for performance and aesthetics: a polyester/glass composite support ensures a strong and shrink-proof reinforcement. DuO is finished with a perfectly welded-in layer of design slate or sand.

Established in Sydney in 1987, it was Radcrete Pacific’s mission to provide the construction industry with a simpler and more effective way to waterproof concrete.  Since then Radcon Formula #7® has successfully waterproofed and protected tens of millions of square meters of concrete worldwide.  The products remarkable performance matched with straight forward application makes it the most efficient, economical and low risk choice for concrete waterproofing. Furthermore Radcon #7® carries “Green Waterproofing Certification” which can not be issued for traditional concrete waterproofing materials.


RADMYX™ crystalline waterproofing provides a cost effective and environmentally friendly system which gives total waterproofing protection for the life of a concrete structure. RADMYX™ reacts with the hydration products of cement to form crystals within the cracks, pores and capillaries of concrete structures – thereby effectively blocking the passage of water. RADMYX™ can be added to fresh concrete as an admixture or applied onto an existing surface as a slurry. Not only does RADMYX™ enhance the quality and durability of the concrete, it causes the concrete to become permanently self-sealing and water pressure resistant: thereby effecting great cost savings in labour and maintenance during construction and for the life of the structure.

A revolutionary & reliable way to waterproof concrete without using a membrane. Radcon #7® is spray applied and penetrates into the concrete and creates a gel within the cracks, pores and capillaries. It incorporates advanced biochemical technology which allows it to seal cracks up to 2.00mm and reseal hairline cracks that develop after treatment. Radcon #7® does not form a film on the surface so it cannot be damaged by traffic or environmental exposure. Radcon #7® is a sub-surface barrier that can accommodate thermal stress.

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