Vexcolt is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Expansion Joints and Control Joints. It specializes in providing elegant, cost-effective solutions to complex building movement problems across all building types. Vexcolt has managed many projects, both nationally and internationally.

Tefcote System provides a long-term solution for hygienic surfaces. The system is easily applied to a variety of substrates, including tiles, plaster and plasterboard, brick, breezeblock, concrete, steel, timber, stonework, and existing paintwork. The key advantages of the system are its resistance to chemical, climatic and physical attack, as well as to erosion and corrosion. It also possesses excellent anti-graffiti properties. The unique use of PTFE within the system makes the surface extremely easy to clean. It has been proved to reduce cleaning times by up to 50%.

Established in Sydney in 1987, it was Radcrete Pacific’s mission to provide the construction industry with a simpler and more effective way to waterproof concrete.  Since then Radcon Formula #7® has successfully waterproofed and protected tens of millions of square meters of concrete worldwide.  The products remarkable performance matched with straight forward application makes it the most efficient, economical and low risk choice for concrete waterproofing. Furthermore Radcon #7® carries “Green Waterproofing Certification” which can not be issued for traditional concrete waterproofing materials.