Tefcote System provides a long-term solution for hygienic surfaces. The system is easily applied to a variety of substrates, including tiles, plaster and plasterboard, brick, breezeblock, concrete, steel, timber, stonework, and existing paintwork. The key advantages of the system are its resistance to chemical, climatic and physical attack, as well as to erosion and corrosion. It also possesses excellent anti-graffiti properties. The unique use of PTFE within the system makes the surface extremely easy to clean. It has been proved to reduce cleaning times by up to 50%

Si-Rex03 by Klaas Coatings is a state of the art coating formulated for use on concrete and masonry substrates. Using an advanced silicone resin binder, it delivers a sophisticated looking mineral matt finish with outstanding performance benefits.

Si-Rex03 is unique because it protects the substrate with excellent water repellency while allowing the substrate to breathe almost unhindered. This unique property lowers the relative humidity of the substrate over time. A dry substrate prevents corrosion, degradation and maximizes insulation performance. Its strong surface beading also provides a self cleaning effect and excellent resistance to microbial attack. These innovative features make the surface look cleaner for longer.

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